Are you looking for that one thing?

​That ONE THING that makes you want to work out, that never gets old, never gets boring and always keeps you coming back for more?

We have that thing that checks off all the workout boxes you’ve been looking for. It’s called ONE MORE ROUND BOXING FITNESS.

One More Round includes...




What you get...

The Basics

We'll walk you through the equipment you need, how to wrap your hands, basic punches and footwork. You'll also get beginner workouts to get your started quickly!

Boxing Fitness Workouts

Full body bag workouts that will keep you interested and sweating. New workouts are added regularly so you always have a new challenge!

Stream on Any Device

Use your phone, tablet, laptop or TV to access the workouts, so you can take us with you everywhere you want to work out!

Extra Workouts

Reflex bags, mobility, and core workouts that will give you variety and up your skill set even more.

Master the Moves

Tutorials designed to help you master advanced boxing combinations and techniques, broken down so you can follow them and improve your skills every day.

"Anyone who wants someone in their corner to champion their health and fitness should try One More Round!"

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